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How Meal Planning Helped Me Learn How to Cook (And Eat)...

Before Learning About Meal Prep, This Used To Be Me...

For years, I used to think that healthy eating had to be so complicated, not to mention expensive. I wasted my time (and money) on foods that I didn't know what I would even use for and had zero idea how to make meal planning work for me.

I'd head out the door in the morning, exhausted. I'd grab whatever was easiest, maybe a banana or an energy bar and then I'd be on my way to the subway. Once I was at work, I'd head out for lunch and buy whatever was closest and I was craving (usually pizza, a bagel or a sandwich). 

By the time I got home, I was exhausted (again) and crashing hard from the excess of carbs I usually ate. Too tired to even do anything, I'd turn to snacks to help with the hanger. I would reach for whatever was closest by (usually chips) and eat half the bag before I even knew what was happening. Feeling even worse, I would look for something quick to make for dinner. Usually it wasn't very healthy and a lot of the time, I would just end up going out to eat or picking something up to bring home. 

I had no idea how to cook, how to meal plan or how to eat healthy. I was lost!

But once I learned how to meal plan and prep, I discovered the joy of eating healthy. My relationship to food changed and I discovered my love of cooking and eating.

Why Meal Planning Works:

Meal planning gives you the tools you need to save time and money. Since you know exactly what you are going to make to eat, you can easily make sure you have the ingredients you need to cook. 

Do you know the #1 problem associated with sustaining a healthy lifestyle? It's not having a plan. 

Have you ever bought a vegetable and had NO idea what to make with it? And maybe you even ended up tossing it after it was left alone in the fridge for too long. 

Meal planning helps end food waste, so you can save money and time. And in the process you learn exactly how to nourish yourself with whole food ingredients and recipes designed by a Holistic Nutritionist (and die hard foodie!).

Here is What Happens When You Meal Prep:

When you learn how to meal prep, you'll learn how to use whole food ingredients, save time in the kitchen (no more wasted time wondering what to cook), save money (less going out to eat) and feel vibrant and full of energy. That is just simply a side effect of learning how food makes you feel and choosing the ones that make you feel your best. 

With this 21-Days of Real Food Program, the power to choose foods based on how they make you feel and work with your body is given back to you.

You'll find you not only have more energy, but you won't experience the same 3pm crash. Cravings for foods like heavy carbs and sugary foods greatly diminishes. This is because you are nourishing your body with real, whole foods. 

Once you see these positive changes, you'll be more likely to stick to meal prepping and planning. 

Yup, you'll actually be excited to eat that healthy meal waiting for you in your fridge, that YOU created! 

How the 21-Days of Real Food Program Works:  

In this guide and meal plan, I am giving you three weeks of meal plans and a how-to guide to help you navigate each week successfully.  

In this three-week meal plan and guide, you'll learn:  

  • How to use your time in the kitchen wisely to meal prep  
  • The best budget-friendly meal prep options  
  • How to batch cook and use appliances like a slow cooker to meal prep  
  • How to prep easy and healthy breakfasts for the whole week  
  • How to use leftovers to repurpose your meals throughout the week  
  • How to plan each week effectively and efficiently  
  • Why meal planning and meal prep work in everyday life

With the 21-Days of Real Food, you can be sure that:

  • All of the recipes are gluten free (or easily made gluten free) and 90% dairy free.
  • Plenty of options for omnivore, vegetarian or vegan. 
  • Nutritional information is provided.
  • Lots of options for meal prep, so you can save even more time in the kitchen!
  • All recipes are delicious and health promoting, developed with care from a Holistic Nutritionist and foodie.

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